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0000193: mod_caucho restart issue
(rep by Keith Fetterman)

I don't think this problem is fixed in 3.0.13. I have been running into a problem where I sometimes get raw JSP source. I couldn't figure it out. It would work fine. Then the next day, the problem would be back.

If I ran my site using the httpd server in resin. The site worked great. If I ran it with apache2, I would sometimes get the correct page but usuually, I would get raw jsp source.

Well the bug report tipped me off.

Here is what I discovered.

- When both the resin and apache httpd servers are stopped AND the httpd server is stopped first, the problem occurs when both servers are started again.

- If both resin and apache httpd servers are stopped AND the resin server is stopped first, thhe problem does not occur.

In both cases, I started the resin server first and then the httpd server.

Once the problem occurs, the only way I could clear it was to 1) stop the httpd server, 2) delete the file /tmp/localhost_6802, 3) restart the httpd server.

This problem is occuring in the Resin Professional 3.0.s050516 and Resin Professional 3.0.13. My configuration if Red Hat Enterprise 3 WS and the Apache 2 that is included with the RHE3, Apache/2.0.46.

05-19-05 00:00   
So, is it really fixed? I have the same problem in 3.0.13, please tell me which version has no such bug???