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170 minor always 05-15-05 00:00 11-30-05 14:44
closed 3.0.12  
3.0.12 fixed  
none 3.0.14  
0000170: does not set -Dresin.home to RESIN_HOME, but rather SERVER_HOME
This is a major issue if you attempt to separate Resin's home directory from the server-root directory. When doing so, the line # 561 of reads:

    $JAVA_ARGS .= " -Dresin.home=$SERVER_ROOT $EXTRA_JAVA_ARGS";

The problem here is that nearly everything at runtime (licenses, config files, etc.) use "resin.hom" definition and if set incorrectly defeats the entire purpose of separating Resin's home from Server root.

This line should probably read:

    $JAVA_ARGS .= " -Dresin.home=$RESIN_HOME $EXTRA_JAVA_ARGS";
This is a problem in Unix & Windows. While you can modify script in on Unix, you can't modify in Windows because of httpd.exe.

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