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1676 minor always 04-10-07 12:34 01-16-08 12:04
closed 3.1.0  
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0001676: Need something in 3.1 for equivalent functionality of bind-ports-after-start
(rep by S Pannell)

We have a problem with our production application server that we would
like to deploy live. Basically we have a Production and Standby resin
instances running. When the production is down the standby takes over all
requests. This is working. However, there is one really nasty problem.
If the Production instance is down and then we start the production
instance all requests appear to be directly to the starting production
server before it has finished starting up. This means all requests are
hanging waiting for the production instance to start-up (which can take 5
minutes). During this time the site is unavailable.

In 3.0 this issue is solved by setting bind-ports-after-start.

05-15-07 15:08   
In Pro, now use listen() to wait until the server completes initialization before listening.
01-16-08 12:03   
fix made it into 3.1.3, not 3.1.2