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0001643: Resin class loader doesn't find resources from jar
This bug seems to be occurring in Resin Pro 3.0.23 as reported in: [^]

We are using Resin Pro 3.0.23. I?m also sending you the configuration file of our host. We did not change the resin.conf file itself, but I assume that this is the file you?re asking for.

The problem seems to occur for several versions now. For an example of the wildcard syntax we are trying to use, see [^] I also read somewhere that the problem is due to Resin?s classloader, which seems to check that the exact resource name is present in a JAR. As you can imagine, a wildcard syntax does not match anything exactly in a JAR file. As my colleague, Leonard, stated, our problem has been reported by someone else already: [^] The status on that bug is ?fixed?, but I?m wondering what the solution is? The reporter created a workaround which fiddles around with classloader settings, but I?m not sure that?s considered a solution.

04-03-07 18:24   

Note, the method used to create the jar is important for the test case, i.e. making sure the directory isn't automatically added.