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1586 minor always 01-24-07 20:53 02-12-07 10:15
closed 3.0.22  
none 3.1.1  
0001586: Some timeout defaults for ConnectionPool are wrong.
Looks like the default values for <max-active-time> and <max-pool-time> are not correct in com.cauch.jca.ConnectionPool (~ 4.16 Days and 16.67 Days, respectively).

Here's the relevant code snippet:

  // time before an idle connection is closed (30s default)
  private long _maxIdleTime = 30000L;

  // time before an active connection is closed (6h default)
  private long _maxActiveTime = 6L * 60000L * 1000L;

  // time a connection is allowed to be used (24h default)
  private long _maxPoolTime = 24L * 60000L * 1000L;

A viable workaround is to override the defaults in web.xml.

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