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0001545: jsp custom tag and jstl
(rep by Bill Au)

We are having problem with resin 3.0.22 and JSTL.

We have the following line of code in our JSP :
<rbf:get-pages paginator="${paginator}" numPages="5" var="pages"/>

This custom tag is defined as:

We are getting the following exception:
[13:14:14.338] javax.servlet.ServletException: javax.servlet.jsp.JspException:
ServletException in '/tiles/search-results/search-results.jsp':
/tiles/search-results/search-results.jsp:58: expected `<%= ... %>' at
`${paginator}' for tag attribute setter
`setPaginator('. Tag attributes
which can't be converted from strings must use a runtime attribute expression.

It seems that things will work if we change the tld uri from [^]
to the newer version at [^]

But then we discovered that it would only work on Linux, but not on a PC.
On a PC we had to disable fast-jstl in order to get things to work.

I think the uri "" [^] is for JSTL 1.1.
Is that supported with Resin 3.0.22? The features list on your web site
has JSTL 1.01 listed. Are there any knows issues with fast-jstl and JSTL
1.1? I am asking because while I was researching this problem I came
this link that claims fast-jstl in resin 3.0.21 conflicts with JSTL 1.1: [^] (it is in chinese)

I still don't understand why fast-jstl causes problem on PC but not Linux.
I am going to go over the config file on both to see if I spot anything.

We also went back an checked earlier version of 3.0.X. This problem first
appears in 3.0.19.

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