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1528 minor sometimes 12-28-06 08:42 01-01-07 10:37
closed 3.0.19  
none 3.0.23  
0001528: ISAPI bug introduced in 3.0.19
I checked out the 3.0 Branch(12/27/2006) and it appears that the bug that was introduced in 3.0.19 is still there:

I believe on Line 479 of protocol.cpp

   write_client_buffer(r, s->read_buf + s->read_offset, sublen);

should be

   if (write_client_buffer(r, s->read_buf + s->read_offset, sublen) < 0)
     return -1;

The condition of !r->WriteClient(r->ConnID, buffer, &sentlen, HSE_IO_SYNC)
is not detected as it was in 3.0.18.

   write_client_buffer should return void if the return value is unused !
Bug happens using IE SSL/IIS 6.0 on 3.0.19 to 3.0.22.

Clear file cache.
Navigate to we site, login, run some javascript. All works ok.
On 2nd Navigation to page some files/images when IE checks if they
are up to date fail.
 and page fails to behave properly.

12-29-06 06:53   
On about 50% of our client machines using IE 6.0, some files are not reloading... JavaScript/Image files.
We are running HTTPS/SSL over IIS 6.0 Windows 2003 SP2.
(IE loads the file the first time but when IE Checks to see if the files in its cache are up to date I believe the reload fails)

When we switched to the 3.0.18 version of the ISAPI DLL,
  and used either 3.0.21 or 3.0.22 PRO core the application works like a champ !
01-01-07 10:37   
The actual bug isn't due to the write_client_buffer. The underlying issue is chunking with 304.

That has been fixed in 3.1.0 and the 3.0 snapshot.