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0001513: EJb-3 not up to date (partial solution found)
JBoss has released Seam 1.1 which can run outside of application server with help of ejb micro-container. I tried to run it on resin and found several problems ( [^] ). Most of them can be solved by workarounds I've found but the most blocking one is that ejb-30.jar that contains only interfaces isn't up-to-date which comes in conflict with other libraries that Seam uses (because ejb-30.jar is loaded in parent classloader it can't be overridden by ejb-3 interfaces that come with Seam).
As a 'solution' I've found that by updating the interfaces in ejb-30.jar to the latest ones the problem is solved and JBoss Seam runs well on Resin.

Since ejb-30.jar is the same across Resin3.0.2x and 3.1 this issue isn't related just to Resin 3.0.23.

Is there any way that the interfaces could be updated?

01-01-07 12:05   
3.1.0 updates the EJB interfaces.