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0001512: Invalid length 5 in LocalVariableTable for extended EJB3 entity classes
I am still having the same problem as described in task 0001047 no matter if I use the internal compiler or javac (both 1.5.0_10 and 1.6.0 tested as compiler and JRE). Different -target and -source level options for javac are also not helping. Attempting to use jikes is resulting in an error message when Resin tries to compile the enhanced class at startup:

Semantic Error: The class file "SmsCallback.class" in "C:\dev\cineticket\trunk\dist\webapps\cineticket\WEB-INF\work\pre-enhance\de\mc\cineticket\sms" has an invalid format (bad string annotation constant).

Both Windows and Linux (x86 and AMD64) are affected.

12-15-06 04:03   
The problem only occurs if the web-app is deployed with precompiled classes in WEB-INF/classes or if Resin is using the internal compiler.

A feasible workaround is to deploy the web-app with only the source files in WEB-INF/classes, so that Resin is compiling them at server startup and configure Resin to use javac as a compiler. If Resin is running with Java 6, it is also necessary to pass "-source 1.5 -target 1.5" as arguments to javac.
12-20-06 10:16