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1488 minor always 12-04-06 10:17 06-04-07 14:44
none 3.1.2  
0001488: merge path dependency checking
(rep by Kimberly Nicholls)

I am using rewrite-real-path with the merge scheme in resin 3.0.21. Here's a sample from my config file:

    <real-path regexp="^/merge/comp" target="merge:(custom/comp;standard/comp)"/>

This works great if I have a standard/comp/test.jsp file but not a custom/comp/test.jsp. But when I add custom/comp/test.jsp, resin doesn't use it -- it keeps using standard/comp/test.jsp.

I have tried forcing a recompile by deleting all generated files that include test.jsp, but it still uses the standard/comp/test.jsp. It does find the new file if I delete all of the generated files and restart the server. It seems like it's caching the merge path results somewhere. Is restarting the only way to clear this, or is there some way I can force it to recalculate the merge list?

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