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closed 3.0.13  
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0000147: Named log going to path="stdout:" gets redirected by <stdout-log>
Debug output to the console (path="stdout:") in resin.conf via a named <log> and <resin:log> winds up getting redirected after a <stdout-log> entry. For example:

<host host-name="">
  <log name="com.hogwarts.resin.boot" level="info" path="stdout:" timestamp="[%H:%M:%S.%s] "/>
  <resin:log name="com.hogwarts.resin.boot">Now you see me...</resin:log>
  <stdout-log path="c:/hogwarts/stdout.log"/>
  <resin:log name="com.hogwarts.resin.boot">...Now you don't!</resin:log>

I would expect stdout-log only to apply to things written in code with System.out.println() and possibly un-named logs. I would expect the scenario described above to continue to go to the console. This is useful for monitoring the status of server startup if you have a lot of (or slow starting) webapps.
Windows XP

05-06-05 00:00   
Currently, that behavior is the designed/intended behavior, i.e. we did think about that and chose that behavior.

On the other hand, the requested behavior might be more logical and useful.
05-06-05 00:00   

<system-out path="..."/>
<system-err path="..."/>

Capture the System.out and System.err streams, but not stdout: or stderr: from Vfs.
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05-06-05 00:00   
Can you clarify on what the fix is? Did you implement system-out/-err as desicribed by Sam or some other fix?