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145 minor always 05-06-05 00:00 11-30-05 14:44
closed 3.0.12  
3.0.12 fixed  
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0000145: resin ISAPI filter corrupting/shortening packets
For certain pages, introducing IIS between Resin 3.x and the client's browser causes the HTTP response packets to become corrputed and/or shortened. The problem can always be alleviated by using port 8080 to bypass IIS and query Resin directly. This problem does not occur with Resin 2.1.8 but I have not tested other 2.x versions.

With no other changes than the resin.conf, our webapp works fine under Resin 2.1.8 but fails under Resin 3.0.12 + IIS. That it works when using Resin 3.0.12 standalone seems to apply an issue in the ISAPI filter.

The two attached files are examples of the same page. The resin-and-iis file was generated first. Then, I manually edited the URL in my browser by adding :8080 after the host name and generated the resin-only file.
Windows 2K w/IIS 5, Windows XP (Pro, SP2) w/PWS (IIS 6)

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