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1405 minor always 10-11-06 17:35 01-03-07 12:06
closed 3.0.21  
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0001405: false warning upon modifying conf
(rep by M Marich)

Server will give a frivolous warning when a webapp page is accessed before the server is able to automatically restart from a newly modified resin.conf.

Steps to reproduce:
1. start server
2. modify resin.conf
3. access a webapp page before automatic server restart

The following message will appear after the webapp page access but before the server restart:
"web-app root directory should not be the same as resin.home
{resin home here}"
[17:01:04.325] Host[] starting
[17:01:04.445] WebApp[http://localhost:81] [^] starting
[17:01:04.886] WebApp[http://localhost:81/resin-doc] [^] starting
[17:01:04.966] WebApp[http://localhost:81/resin-admin] [^] starting
[17:01:05.026] Socket JNI library requires a valid Resin Professional License.
[17:01:05.026] See [^] for information.
[17:01:05.036] http listening to *:81
[17:01:05.036] hmux listening to localhost:6802
[17:01:05.046] Resin started in 1652ms
[17:03:25.398] resin-file: init
[17:03:37.315] In-place class redefinition (HotSwap) is not available. In-plac
 class reloading during development requires a compatible JDK and -Xdebug.
[17:03:45.677] <server> is modified
[17:03:45.677] web-app root directory should not be the same as resin.home
[17:03:45.677] /C:/Documents and Settings/PNN/Desktop/resin-pro-3.0.21/resin-pr
[17:03:45.737] WebApp[] starting
[17:03:45.827] Server[] stopping
[17:03:48.451] Host[] stopping
[17:03:48.461] WebApp[http://localhost:81] [^] stopping
[17:03:48.461] resin-file: destroy
[17:03:48.461] WebApp[http://localhost:81/resin-doc] [^] stopping
[17:03:48.511] WebApp[http://localhost:81/resin-admin] [^] stopping
[17:03:48.561] Received close event
closing server
Resin-3.0.21 (built Thu, 10 Aug 2006 12:03:19 PDT)

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