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0001377: Path resolution problem for files in directories whose names include a mapped extension
Hi folks,

We're seeing a problem that is a little hard to describe, but it appears to be a bug in Resin. We're on 3.0.17, open source build.

To summarize, we have a spring web app with a mapping in web.xml of *.htm to a content controller. The jsp views use jstl, and in particular use c:import to include snippet files of static content in the view templates.

In the publishing system that produces the jsp views and content snippet files, we decided to place the snippets that are local to a particular URL in a directory path under WEB-INF that parallels the URL, including the .htm.

For instance- a content snippet called file.snippet for the url /path/about.htm is published to WEB-INF/content/about.htm/file.snippet.

However, we've found that resin returns 404 error messages for the content snippet c:import requests in this case, e.g. when the imported file lives in a directory ending in .htm.

If we move the snippet file out from under the directory with the .htm extension, e.g. to WEB-INF/content/file.snippet, c:import loads it correctly.

Does that make sense?

We've run the identical web app and content snippet tree under tomcat, and all is well there.



10-02-06 09:28   
FYI, we're using v1.1.2 of jakarta's jstl.
05-29-07 18:21   
server/001v. Added strict-mapping to <servlet-mapping>.