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1345 minor always 09-12-06 11:19 09-13-06 14:20
none 3.0.22  
0001345: hot-deploy reloading
(rep by Will Jaynes)

I recently upgraded my development environment to Resin 3.0.21. I
noticed that the hot reloading of changed classes really works. That
is... It used to be that I'd be developing, in place, change a class,
Resin would notice and restart the web app. Now Resin doesn't have to do
an app restart, it simply reloads the class. This is great, and speeds
development quite a bit.

However, I notice that Resin is reloading the changed classes every 60
seconds. As I change more classes, each of them gets reloaded every
minute, at the same time.

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