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1202 minor always 06-19-06 11:41 06-26-06 19:02
ferg linux  
normal 2.6  
closed 3.0.14  
none 3.0.20  
0001202: resin.jar and pro.jar is not added to CLASSPATH consistently
I am running 3.0.14 with the same license file everywhere. Yet ResinStatusServlet is reporting that the pro veresion is being used on some machine but the non-pro version being used on others.

It turns out that the code in which list
the individual files in the lib directory are producing the jar
files in different order on different machines:

opendir(RESINLIB, "$RESIN_HOME/lib");
while ($file = readdir(RESINLIB)) {
    if ($file =~ /\.jar$/ || $file =~ /\.zip$/) {

I am guessing that Perl is like Java in that the order of files
in a directory listing is not guaranteed.

Maybe this code should be changed to always load pro.jar first
if it is present?

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