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0001108: Need a way to set connection pool parameters on implicitly created connections
We have a zillion MySQL databases, and our code typically needs to talk to several databases over the course of generating a page. Since we also have tons of web servers, we need to aggressively expire idle MySQL connections.

Quercus/Resin is happy to create a MySQL connection on demand based on the host/port info supplied by the PHP code, but when the PHP code calls mysql_close(), the connection is returned to a Resin connection pool that's implicitly created. I don't see any way to set the pool parameters, e.g. the max idle time for a pooled connection.

It's not practical to add a <database> config item for each one of our MySQL databases; there are way too many of them and we add new ones all the time. Instead I need a way to configure default settings for the connection pools that get created by Quercus.

10-16-07 10:22