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107 minor always 04-16-05 00:00 11-30-05 14:43
closed 3.0.13  
3.0.13 fixed  
none 3.0.14  
0000107: Log write interleaving
Under load Resin's logging subsystem will interleave log writes. Here are snippets taken from the access log of a box serving 45Mb/s of content.

[29/Mar/2005:07:00:02 - - - [29/Mar/2005:07:00:02 -0500] .....
[01/Apr/2005:00:00:02 -0524.125.72.120 - - [01/Apr/2005:00:00:02 -0500] .....

As you can see Resin has completely botched the log entries. This problem is not limited to the access log. Any type of logging that includes heavy multiple simultaneous writes to the logging subsystem results in the log write being botched. I suspect the issue is related to thread safety and I'm not sure if it's Resin that is screwing up or if it's the JRE's logging subsystem that is the root cause.

This bug is extremely unfortunate because 1) it makes it impossible for our web log analyzer to get accurate numbers about site traffic and usage and 2) in another application, we are having a hell of a time using logging as a means of aiding debugging.
AMD64 Operteron
Gentoo Linux

04-16-05 00:00   
The debug (non-access) logging was fixed in 3.0.13.

The access logging is still open.