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1042 crash always 04-07-06 03:57 04-11-06 14:27
Marc Welk  
closed 2.1.x  
none 3.0.19  
0001042: Problem with JAR-Files
We have always problems with Resin 2.1.17 and many virtual server (more than 25 hots in resin.conf) as I reported 2004-08-10:

"We have a problem with the jar-cache. On a server with many ( > 20) virtual hosts, some hosts get a NoClassDefFoundError of classes witch are located in /WEB-INF/lib/ or in a central lib directory for all hosts. The problem appears casual and is not reproduceable but it seems to depend on the number of jars included ( > 16). Once the problem occured we can solve it by reducing the jar files and recopy them - until restarting resin. I think there is a correlation with the entry in the changelog: Changelog 2.1.14: (2004-04-29) reduce jar cache to 16"

We have this problem since version 2.1.14. The Bugfix "Jar.getSafeJarEntry needs to reclose and reopen jar (rep by Marc Welk)" does not resolve the problem.
Hint: With Version 2.1.17 and JDK 1.3 resin wont start - only if you combine resin.jar from 2.1.17 and the other libaries from 2.1.16.

04-11-06 14:27   
Upgraded to Resin 3.0 handling of the Jar close and update the cache size to 256.