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1040 minor always 04-06-06 08:42 04-10-06 10:41
closed 3.0.18  
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0001040: Java Logging not working properly
Basic Java Logging functionality is not working when running a web app in Resin.

One example, create logger a.b and a.b.c.d. Calling getParent on a.b.c.d should return a.b, but it returns null when using Resin (works correctly in exact same environment using other app servers).

It looks like Resing is overriding some of the basic java.util.logging features/classes. Is there a way to turn this off and just have it use the basic java.util.logging classes/functionality?

04-10-06 10:41   
server/023e. Checked with snapshot. getParent() on "a.b.c.d" is returning EnvironmentLogger[a.b.c] as expected, not null.

The bug report might need some actual sample code to show the different behavior.